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OPEC net oil export revenues expected to fall in 2014 and 2015 - EIA - 12/17/14

EIA forecasts $68/B average Brent price for 2015 while recognizing high price uncertainty - EIA - 12/17/14

Why oil is down by half, what it means for you - Producers complain, motorists rejoice, and economists ponder what it all means. - 12/15/14

Despite lower crude oil prices, U.S. crude oil production expected to grow in 2015 - EIA -12/12/14

US needs more data before ending crude export ban, House panel told - We lack information on lighter crudes and need to study impact of refining various world crudes. - 12/11/14

US proved oil, gas reserves continue to climb - US proved reserves of oil increased by 9% and natural gas by 10% in 2013. Oil reserves increased significantly in Texas and North Dakota. Increases in Pennsylvania and West Virginia accounted for 70% of rise in natural gas reserves. - 12/4/14

Could falling oil prices spark a financial crisis? - Junk-bond debt in energy has reached $210 billion. If oil prices stay at $65 per barrel for three years, 40% of all energy junk bonds could be looking at default, according to a recent JP Morgan estimate. - 12/2/14

Plunging oil prices hammer energy companies - The price of US crude tumbled to $66.15/B and shares of energy companies fell. - 12/1/14

Moody's reports that E&P spending to dip as prices slide - Independent producers will cut capital investment by 20% in 2015. - 11/25/14

Senate debates, then barely rejects Keystone XL approval bill - Approval defeated by one vote. - 11/19/14

Oil prices tumble on Saudi discount move - Oil prices slumped to multi-year lows on Tuesday after Saudi Arabia discounted supplies to the U.S., a move that is shaking an already volatile market but will likely give the world economy an unexpected stimulus. - 11/4/14

PetroStrategies Developments

Gas prices hold hope for upstream operators. Expect shift from oil drilling to gas drilling.

Gas costs to utility power consumers are more effected by coal prices. See Cost of Fossil Fuel Receipts at Electric Generating Plants

Fundamentals of the Petroleum Industry - January 26-27, 2015 - New Orleans - offered by EUCI

Downstream Petroleum Operations and Economics -  March 2-3, 2015 - Seattle - offered by EUCI

Check out the Oil and Gas Timeline from Timelines of History.

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