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Welcome to PetroStrategies

This site is dedicated to
the oil and gas industry

Our goal is to provide information on the economics, processes and driving forces in the oil and gas industry for consumers, industry professionals and students.

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ConocoPhillips has been approved to export 40 billion cubic feet of LNG from the Nikiski plant on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. - 4/15/14

OPEC crude oil production falls in March to 29.65 MMBPD, the lowest level since mid-2011. The total drop was 550,000 b/d and three countries - Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Libya - account for 440,000 barrels of the decrease. - 4/14/14

Responding to a series of fiery train derailments, federal regulators said Wednesday they will propose that trains carrying crude oil should have at least two-man crews and requirements aimed at preventing parked train cars from coming loose and causing an accident like one in July that killed 47 people. - 4/9/14

State and federal regulators looking for what caused an explosion at a LNG facility on the Washington-Oregon border began interviewing injured workers. - 4/2/14

A large explosion rocked a natural gas processing plant on the Washington-Oregon border Monday, injuring five workers, causing about 400 people to evacuate from nearby farms and homes, and emitting a mushroom cloud of black smoke that was visible for more than a mile. - 4/1/14

Crews for oil giant BP worked to clean up an undetermined amount of crude oil that spilled into Lake Michigan and affected about a half-mile section of shoreline near Chicago following a malfunction at BP's northwestern Indiana refinery. - 3/26/14

Rex Tillerson, Chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil, has joined a suit to block the construction of fracking-related infrastructure near his sprawling home outside Dallas. His concern is related to the side effects, which pose a serious threat to his property value. The plaintiffs   cite associated traffic and increased noise pollution as reasons to abandon the project. Tillersonís only gripe is the potential depreciation of his $5 million estate. - 2/28/14

A train carrying crude oil partially derailed in Pennsylvania on the morning of February 13th. The accident happened in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania, about 36 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. Authorities say 21 tank cars from the 120-car train came off the track Thursday morning. 19 carried oil, 4 of which spilled somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000 gallons of crude oil. - 2/14/14

Alaskan officials announce plans to build an 800-mile natural gas pipeline to transport gas from the North Slope to an LNG export plant.  The pipeline would cost approximately $65 billion. - 1/17/14 

Study says the Fayetteville Shale will continue provide natural gas for years to come based on economically recoverable reserves of 18 Tcf. - 1/14/14 

US Senators have called for investigation and review of the safety of crude oil transported using railroads. - 1/10/14 

Bakken crude oil from from fields in North Dakota could be more flammable than other crudes and more prone to explosions. Recent rail accidents and reports of higher than normal corrosion in railroad tank cars drive investigation. 1/3/14

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